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REI Clinic Feedback

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Hi Jayah, I attended your REI seminar is July and was impressed with what I learned in a short time. I do use poles for hiking and hike regularly, however, I found out from the video I am a user of the dreaded “death grip.” Through the video I was able to expand what you covered in class and really learn techniques that I refined on my very next hike. I needed to see the video to understand the 2 finger swing and how to keep my elbows in for the most effective core workout I have ever had! I also mastered the uphill push technique and am working on the downhill technique which is the hardest for me.

As an avid hiker and now AdventureBuddy aficionado, I highly recommend the video to the next class of learners. Feel free to use this email as promotional materials because I AM SOLD -POLES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE AND PROPER POLE TECHNIQUES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Thank you for your hard work to help exalt the valleys and make the hills lower. Trek on!

Eileen McB
One happy pollster!

Top Ten Benefits of hiking with poles

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Learn OPTIMAL TECHNIQUE & Experience these Top Ten (well 12) Benefits of Hiking with Poles

  1. Win-Win-Win ~ Save Time! Be in nature, connecting with your buddies, getting a full body workout.
  2. ARMM  (Achieve, Regain & Maintain Mobility) ~ Arm yourself with a vital skill for Life!
  3. Improve Balance Gait  & Confidence.
  4. Save your Knees!  Preserve your Joints ~ Reduce Stress on Knees, ankles, hips, and spine especially on downhill.    With OPTIMAL USE your upper body muscles also help prevent stress in hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, even your neck.
  5. Increase Endurance ~ Spread the work of the muscles over the entire body to experience more energy and greater endurance for your hike or walk.
  6. Improve Posture & Cardio-Pulmonary Function Walking with poles “self corrects” posture allowing your lungs to reach greater capacity. This benefits cardio-pulmonary function & helps to increase endurance.
  7. Enjoy the outdoors ~ Venture onto uneven terrain with confidence.  Feel the Power & have more FUN while walking!
  8. Equalize ~ Family and friends of uneven abilities can walk together.  Poles give you an “edge” and help you keep up with your buddies.
  9. Weight-bearing Exercise ~ Build Core Strength Weight-bearing exercise is recommended for the prevention and management of osteoporosis. Using poles while walking is a time-efficient way to get weight-bearing exercise.
  10. Fat Burning & Weight Management ~ Experience faster, easier and more efficient calorie burning with poles because more muscles are recruited in less time.  Movement of hands & arms may facilitate reduction of swelling in hands and can help lymphedema.
  11. Reduce Risk of Injury
  12. Improve Gait ~ Walking with 2 poles facilitates a more even, fluid & reciprocal gait.   People preparing for or recovering from joint resurfacing or replacement can help “unweight” a joint.

Shoes for the Trail: Top Ten Tips

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One of the most frequent questions I get is:  What kind of hiking shoes should I get?

Here are our top ten tips for selecting shoes for the trail:

  1. Get shoes that FIT your feet.  Make sure you know what’s too large and what’s too small by trying on different sizes.
  2. Understand your feet so that you can look at a shoe to see if it suits you.  For instance, do you need a wide or narrow toe box?  Is your heel narrow or wide?  These can be communicated to the shoe salesperson.
  3. Buy shoes at the end of the day.  Allow at least an hour, don’t rush this please!
  4. Use the store’s ramp to make sure your heels don’t slide up and down.
  5. Test the toe box on the ramp as well to make sure your toes don’t scrunch as you go down hill.  Many a toe nail has been lost by ill fitting shoes.
  6. Give yourself at least an hour to select shoes.
  7. Try one shoe on one foot and another on the other foot for instant feet feedback.
  8. Wear your hiking socks when trying on shoes for hiking.
  9. Try different in-soles (one in one foot, another in the other) to see if an upgraded insole improves your comfort or support.
  10. Buy shoes from a place that offers a return policy, even if you’ve worn them on the trail.

Here are a few more trail tips for your feet:

  • Know lacing tricks (or hike with a leader who does). So often lacing can be modified to resolve shoe problems.
  • At the first HINT of soreness or “hot spot,” stop immediately and treat to avoid a blister.
  • Carry moleskin and consider using a sock liner.
  • Pre-cut moleskin into useable sizes or carry a blister kit.

    YakTrax Provide Traction in Snow & Ice

  • Cover-roll stretch tape (dressing retention tape), is thin and great for keeping moleskin on tough places (like heels) even when wet. Pre-cut this as well.
  • Knee high liner socks help protect calves from low-lying poison oak.
  • Carry an extra pair of (dry) socks and replace socks after stopping for lunch or a break.
  • Soaking feet in a cold stream can reduce swelling.

What is Ecology Cooking?

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Ecology Cooking is

joyfully creating dishes that are healthy, tasty

and conserve energy, resources and/or time.

Education for Fitness Professionals

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be in Washington DC – my first visit to our nation’s capital.

On Wed, September 22, I’ll present 2 free clinics at REI Bailey’s Crossroads.  At 3:30 is POLES for Balance, Mobility & Functional Walking.  This will be limited to 30 people – all of whom have some kind of mobility challenge.  If you are a fitness professional (trainer, PT, OT), please contact me for special access to this clinic.

If you have taken the Mobility Course you can receive continuing education credits for “helping” with this clinic.  Plus you’ll meet lots of potential clients 🙂

At 7pm I’ll present my regular clinic: POLES for Hiking, Walking & Exercise.

The next day, I’ll be at REI Rockville, MD at 6:30 with the regular clinic.

Then I’m off to sight see.  Tour Guides welcome 🙂


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In my forty plus years educating teachers, I have never experienced such life-changing training as Jayah has put together for people with mobility issues.  She breaks down complex skills so that specific conditions can be worked on with maximum efficiency.   I have recommended her DVDs and have seen remarkable results.

Jayah is truly a gifted teacher!

David Georgi, Professor ret.

David Georgi, The Garden Dude & Jayah at Yosemi

California State University, Bakersfield

David Georgi, Professor of Education, CSU Bakersfield.
In my forty plus years educating teachers, I have never experienced such live-changing training as that Jayah has put together for people with mobility issues. She breaks down complex skills so that specific conditions can be worked on with maximum efficiency. I have recommended her DVDs and have seen remarkable results. Jayah is truly a gifted teacher!
The image is a gardendude portrait. You can also download the one on my csub web site if you wish or I can send you a more professional one when I get back from Kauai in a few weeks.
David Georgi, Professor ret.
California State University, Bakersfield

Poles for Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an amazing activity for cross training, exercise and helps to restore the natural movement of the spine.

This is a video we did as a rehearsal piece for the DVD: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking.   It’s a basic tutorial and you can learn more at AdventureBuddies.

Who can benefit from using poles for mobility?

Who can benefit from using poles for balance & mobility?

People with Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, osteoporosis, peripheral neuropathy, etc. all feel significant benefit.  Anyone preparing for or recovering from joint replacement or resurfacing can use poles.

Ms. Cruise, MS Group Facilitator

“I feel safer when I’m walking down the street.” “I know that, if I stumble on uneven pavement, it’s not a fall – I won’t be kissing that pavement.”

Hose Cruise, Multiple Sclerosis Group Facilitator

Diane Kern, PT - Berkeley Physical Therapy

“Poles enable and empower.  Her exceptional DVD is a great tool for both patients and therapists.”   – Diane Kern, Physical Therapist

Poles for Hiking: Training DVD

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Using poles for hiking or walking will help your knees. Yes!

No matter what you do, your knees will love poles.  BUT, if you learn how to use them optimally, you will convert that knee stress to an upper body core workout.

If you don’t use good form, you can transfer that energy to the fragile joints of the hands, trading one stress for another. Avoid the death grip; learn how to use your upper body for walking.

Up your attitude, improve your spinal rotation (or recover that attitude and rotation from your youthful antics).   A healthy spine is a young spine and joints like to MOVE.

Award-winning Video teaches optimal pole use, top notch training, only $14.95.

Learn how to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints.

Happy Trails!


Healthy Trail Tips: What to eat?

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Tips for healthy eating on the trail – what’s your favorite tip?

  1. Choose easily digestible foods in small portions.  Stop for snacks vs. large meals while hiking.
  2. Try to plan lunch so you’re not hiking uphill directly after eating.  Why?  Blood Shunt.  Blood goes to the abdomen for digestion – away from your legs.
  3. Dried fruit makes a great snack.
  4. Carry extra water.
  5. Anticipate long climbs and eat a little something before starting one.
  6. Carry fresh fruit, cut up, in a hard container that does not leak.
  7. Apples are great energy and provide hydration.  Pre-cut your apple to make it easy to eat a piece before going uphill.  Make 4 shallow cuts and wrap apple with plastic wrap.
  8. Your Favorite Tip?

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