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Outdoors vs. the Gym

July 13, 2010 by  
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If you’ve landed on this blog, you’re probably a fan of the outdoors.  This blog is for you.

I teach classes in a health club and often ask how many hikers are in the class.  It stuns me that, in a room with 40-50 healthy active people, there are no hikers.   I believe health clubs  serve a purpose.  Group classes are fun.  Weight training is important for healthy muscles and bones.

I’m an instructor for a large chain.  They recently put up gorgeous motivational posters about health and wellness.  Most of them show buff bodies OUTDOORS.    Ironic!

In school we learned about civics, English, math, etc.  We took gym and learned to run and compete.  No one taught us about shoulder joint stabilization or how to build healthy and supportive knees and hips.  And NO ONE talked about spinal elongation.   There are movements which are key to maintaining a healthy and sustainable foundation.

I live in Northern California which is one of the most stunning places on the planet.  To live here, to pay these crazy prices,  and not enjoy the outdoors seems silly to me and my hiking buddies.

I have to wonder if those gym goers who never step onto a trail would change their opinion if only they could enjoy a nice hike.  What do you think?

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