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Poles for Hiking: Training DVD

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Using poles for hiking or walking will help your knees. Yes!

No matter what you do, your knees will love poles.  BUT, if you learn how to use them optimally, you will convert that knee stress to an upper body core workout.

If you don’t use good form, you can transfer that energy to the fragile joints of the hands, trading one stress for another. Avoid the death grip; learn how to use your upper body for walking.

Up your attitude, improve your spinal rotation (or recover that attitude and rotation from your youthful antics).   A healthy spine is a young spine and joints like to MOVE.

Award-winning Video teaches optimal pole use, top notch training, only $14.95.

Learn how to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints.

Happy Trails!



One Response to “Poles for Hiking: Training DVD”
  1. Sky Charlesworth says:

    Dear Jayah,
    A great site.
    I was wondering what was the award that your dvd won.
    I want to see a giant salamander, too!

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