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REI Clinic Feedback

July 26, 2010 by  
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Hi Jayah, I attended your REI seminar is July and was impressed with what I learned in a short time. I do use poles for hiking and hike regularly, however, I found out from the video I am a user of the dreaded “death grip.” Through the video I was able to expand what you covered in class and really learn techniques that I refined on my very next hike. I needed to see the video to understand the 2 finger swing and how to keep my elbows in for the most effective core workout I have ever had! I also mastered the uphill push technique and am working on the downhill technique which is the hardest for me.

As an avid hiker and now AdventureBuddy aficionado, I highly recommend the video to the next class of learners. Feel free to use this email as promotional materials because I AM SOLD -POLES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE AND PROPER POLE TECHNIQUES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Thank you for your hard work to help exalt the valleys and make the hills lower. Trek on!

Eileen McB
One happy pollster!

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