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Top Ten Benefits of hiking with poles

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Learn OPTIMAL TECHNIQUE & Experience these Top Ten (well 12) Benefits of Hiking with Poles

  1. Win-Win-Win ~ Save Time! Be in nature, connecting with your buddies, getting a full body workout.
  2. ARMM  (Achieve, Regain & Maintain Mobility) ~ Arm yourself with a vital skill for Life!
  3. Improve Balance Gait  & Confidence.
  4. Save your Knees!  Preserve your Joints ~ Reduce Stress on Knees, ankles, hips, and spine especially on downhill.    With OPTIMAL USE your upper body muscles also help prevent stress in hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, even your neck.
  5. Increase Endurance ~ Spread the work of the muscles over the entire body to experience more energy and greater endurance for your hike or walk.
  6. Improve Posture & Cardio-Pulmonary Function Walking with poles “self corrects” posture allowing your lungs to reach greater capacity. This benefits cardio-pulmonary function & helps to increase endurance.
  7. Enjoy the outdoors ~ Venture onto uneven terrain with confidence.  Feel the Power & have more FUN while walking!
  8. Equalize ~ Family and friends of uneven abilities can walk together.  Poles give you an “edge” and help you keep up with your buddies.
  9. Weight-bearing Exercise ~ Build Core Strength Weight-bearing exercise is recommended for the prevention and management of osteoporosis. Using poles while walking is a time-efficient way to get weight-bearing exercise.
  10. Fat Burning & Weight Management ~ Experience faster, easier and more efficient calorie burning with poles because more muscles are recruited in less time.  Movement of hands & arms may facilitate reduction of swelling in hands and can help lymphedema.
  11. Reduce Risk of Injury
  12. Improve Gait ~ Walking with 2 poles facilitates a more even, fluid & reciprocal gait.   People preparing for or recovering from joint resurfacing or replacement can help “unweight” a joint.


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