Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Endurance Tips for Hikers, Joggers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether hiking, walking, jogging or biking, here are some tips to help endurance:

  1. Slow down before you need to stop.  It takes more energy to stop and start than it does to slow down.
  2. Anticipate the need to rest and rest before you need to.
  3. When hiking, try taking shorter steps.  This helps endurance as well as performance on steeper terrain.
  4. Focus on your breathing.
  5. Get out of your feet.   This tip is especially helpful for runners and joggers.  Bring your attention up towards your sternum or your heart or your ribcage.
  6. Create cues that help you focus on the incredible lightness of being.
  7. What works to create lightness and space and joy is different for each of us.  Plus having different ways of saying relatively the same thing enables us to consistently focus on our form and performance.  Good teachers know this.
  8. Roll your shoulders up around and back (see our post on scapular stabilization).
  9. Stay cool and hydrated.
  10. When hiking uphill, as you near the top, visualize the top of the hill.  This can help you get that last burst of energy to make it.  Once you get to the top, be sure to both:  clear the way for your buddies behind you AND “smooth it out.”  This means relax your breathing and your shoulders and walk it out.

What’s your favorite tip for improving/maintaining endurance?


One Response to “Endurance Tips for Hikers, Joggers & Outdoor Enthusiasts”
  1. Pierre St-Cyr says:

    I’m putting in practice these tips I’ve learn from you during my medical leave from the theater. I’ve just returned to Afghanistan’s rocky and hilly terrains and my co-workers are noticing the positive improvements. At 63 years old with a shatter ankle less than a year old,the endurance gain from your training allows me to continue to be productive.
    Thank you much Jayah