Sunday, November 29, 2020

Trekking Pole Troubles: Taking poles apart for Travel and/or cleaning

Our prior post covered the two most common problems people have with poles.  We covered in detail troubleshooting poles (fixing them if they fail to tighten).  The other big problem people seem to have is  trouble taking their poles apart.
Our best advice:  Get over it! 🙂

  • People purchase poles based on their collapsed length.   While this can make sense, it often can mean getting non-optimal poles for your height, weight, goals & issues.  Taking poles apart almost always means they will fit into luggage.
  • Poles MUST be taken apart for cleaning.  Take good care of your poles and they will take care of you – please!
  • Poles MUST be taken apart if they get wet.  This is basic pole care 101.  Go hike in the rain – Yippee!   Ford a stream.  Use poles in the fog.  But, when your poles get wet, the inside of the shaft gets wet and just drying them off on the outside isn’t enough.  The pole shaft can corrode.  The fix is simple!  Take your poles apart and let them dry apart over night.  Voila!  Clean, dry, usuable poles.

I have a deep connection with my poles.  They’re 9 years old, they’re PERFECT and they’re my buddies!    I use them, I abuse them, AND I keep them clean and dry.  A good pair of poles often has a lifetime warranty and good poles (that fit your body, issues and goals) should last you a lifetime of hiking and exploring!

Happy Trails!


3 Responses to “Trekking Pole Troubles: Taking poles apart for Travel and/or cleaning”
  1. Flash Games says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  2. bj shannon says:

    i’ve taken my poles apart for travel, but worried about the fragile “twister” connection on the lower part. i discovered that the rubber tips fit over the adjuster if pushed on gently. so i carry an extra set of rubber tips to protect the connection. it works great!

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