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Falling is BAD. How Scanning helps improve performance on the trail.

October 7, 2010 by  
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What is scanning?  Scanning is looking ahead to anticipate obstacles.

Scanning enables you to walk in a more neutral posture. By all means, look down with you need to, but scanning enables you to walk without always looking down at your feet.  By walking in a more neutral posture, you are more upright.  This improves balance and endurance.

  • Roll your shoulders up, around, back and down.
  • Do a gentle dorsal glide so that you’re standing tall.
  • Make sure you’re standing in neutral posture.
  • Notice what you can see ahead.
  • Look around with your eyes and notice the range of your vision without having to move your head up or down.  This is your visual scanning range.

Practice scanning so that anticipating and avoiding obstacles becomes second nature. This way you can more easily enjoy your surroundings and your buddies.

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