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Poles help rehab injury: From a friend in Afghanistan

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Dear Jayah,  I wish to thank you for your great help with the physical therapy process of my shattered ankle. I originally contacted you after watching your training video, regarding the choices and use of trekking poles. Prior to my being evacuated to Germany after the injury, some of the hospital’s medical staff in Afghanistan had recommended using them for balance during recovery.

They didn’t believe however, that I’d be able to come back to work in the same capacity as before. Now, after months of guidance from you, I’ve returned to the theater of operation at 63 YO, keeping up with younger people. Of course, all the hardware in my ankle result in  permanent reduced flexibility and the  arthritis constantly reminds me of that fateful day in September 2009. But thanks to your help and those seemingly ordinary LEKI poles, I remain the oldest active member in my Company’s labor force of around 200 people.

You coached me in the proper breathing and position while walking, and also on the correct exercises afterward. You designed a stretching program specifically suited to the limited resources available here. It raised my endurance level which was noticed by coworkers upon my return to Kandahar this September.

At that time, I was informed that I’d be strictly doing assessments here in Kandahar, which has flat and relatively easy terrain. Nonetheless, I kept on using the poles around the base the way you instructed me to for the last 6 weeks. I’m now excited to inform you that the restriction as been lifted and I’ll be returning starting this week, to those small FOBs (Forward Operation Bases) for assessments like I used to.

Thanks to you, I’ll again be able to negotiate the rugged road-less mountainous areas along the Pakistan border (after being dropped off) with my 100 Pds or so backpack. Thanks to you, I feel alive and productive again. Thanks to you, I can continue to improve in a very minute way, the creature comfort of these brave young men and women  who are handling the grueling front lines.

I’m scheduled to return home for a 2 weeks R & R in January 2011 and would appreciate the privilege to invite you and Bob (whose probably active again since his injury) to dinner. Of course, since I lack your incredible culinary talents, you’ll need to pick the restaurant…

I attached a few photos and a video of my work situation. Feel free to use this email and/or attachments if it can help anyone who feels like giving up, as I did, after a seemingly career-ending injury. Please continue to inspire people to “keep on Trucking”.
Gratefully, Pierre

Pierre Kandahar_walk


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