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Travel Tips for Walkers

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I tie a scarf – a stunning one 🙂 – around my fanny pack.  I can then tie the scarf to my belt or belt loop.   If someone did unclip my pack, it would not just fall off.  Plus, I can FIND my pack more easily!

Of course, I try to walk with focus and purpose.  This is probably the most cautious thing I do when traveling.  I don’t want to be a victim!

Walking on concrete can be SO HARD on my feet.  I’m used to hiking, not pavement pounding.  I pack two pairs of walking shoes.  Alternating between them significantly helps my feet.

Of course, packing one of my massage balls is the best way to relieve any stress on my plantar tendons at the end of the day.  I want to PREVENT foot problems!


2 Responses to “Travel Tips for Walkers”
  1. Also thick socks are great with walking shoes! they are better than thin one’s as they absorb more force as you walk, thus protecting your skin.

    • Jayah Faye Paley says:

      I often get people asking me about what socks to buy. The selection is so vast that it can be paralyzing. I do like good quality socks but, like shoes, it’s a personal preference. For instance, I have two pairs of socks that I use when I have to stand all day. They have extra support on the arch and are wonderful!

      My hiking socks tend to be thick on the heel as well as on the top of the foot. The top of the foot is SO delicate. Please untie your shoes before you take them off. You CAN damage the top of your foot if you’re careless.

      Thanks for your comment…I love getting comments!