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Allergies: Tips from an ENT Doctor

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My ear, nose & throat physician in San Francisco has a great website with lots of helpful info.  Recently he tested my hearing in order to establish a baseline. How do know if you’ve lost hearing unless you know where you were? I remember having my ears tested as a little kid and the whole process is even more fascinating as an adult.

During this visit, I talked with Dr. Kumcha about allergies. I’ve been tested and am allergic to DUST. Yikes!   Tips for dealing with allergies for hikers are elsewhere on this blog (just search for Allergies).

Washing my face after a hike feels great plus it really helps reduce allergic response.   Dr. Kmucha said to use Saline Solution to rinse out my nose.  He stressed that this is very important and much better than plain water.   He suggested putting Saline solution in the shower.  Clever!

I also know about washing my hair before going to bed so I don’t transfer all those pollen particles to my pillow and breath them all night long. What I learned  from Dr. K  was so intuitive that I wonder why I never thought of it.

He told me to toss my pillows in the dryer. Depending on the pillow, either run the dryer on low heat for a few minutes or (and this is the clever part) just put the pillow in after running a dryer load. The residual heat is enough to dry and freshen the pillow.

Why is this important? According to Dr. K, when you breath into your pillow your breath has vapor.   This is moisture which gets into the pillow.   Not to mention how many times I go to bed with wet hair (now I use a towel).  This moisture creates an environment where nasty things can grow.

  • This use of residual heat appeals to my environmental conscience.
  • The cleansing of my pillow appeals to my sense of comfort.

Thank you Dr. Kmucha!


4 Responses to “Allergies: Tips from an ENT Doctor”
  1. Kate says:

    Saline solution definitely helps me. I have been using a neti pot with saline solution on a regular basis for a few years now and my allergies are 100% gone. Interesting note about the putting the pillows in the dryer! I will have to try that one.

  2. Brenda says:

    Jayah my allergies just started last year and I’m so miserable when they flare up. Thank for these helpful tips that are med-free!! I love being empowered to address these difficult and live robbing allergies symptoms.
    Much Appreciation,

    • you’re welcome!
      I resisted his advice for 2 years thinking it was too simple or (who knows?). Finally he yelled at me and told me that I should not spend my money if I would not listen to him. I immediately went out and bought a spray bottle. Now I have about 10 of them all over. They do have an expiration date, but I use them up faster than that.

      A friend told me she was going to try to make some, but I wonder if that’s a good idea. Probably they get the ph just right.


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