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FAQ: What kind of POLES should I buy?

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Learning about gear is an important aspect in mastering the skills necessary to achieve the many benefits of using poles.  Because models and features of poles change regularly, our hiking DVD does not address specific types of poles.
Our website endeavors to stay abreast of current models of poles.  We update the website as models and features change. The Pole Buyer’s Guide page on the site includes a comparison of pole features.  We discuss different grip materials, grip size, long foam grips, grip shape, straps, anti-shock features, baskets, rubber tips and more.

Our approach is simple.  We focus exclusively on top quality gear (yes, you get what you pay for) and let the user determine what feels best.  Like trying on shoes, we often put one pole in one hand and another model in the other hand, and let the user decide.  This instant feedback enables the user to feel, and us to see, how they perform.

To determine which poles best suit an individual, we look at 3 things, a person’s:  Structure, Issue & Goals

  • Structure deals with hand size, height, weight, etc.
  • Issues might include balance problems, arthritis in the hand, shoulder trouble, neck pain, etc.
  • Goals include whether a person wants to hike or walk or exercise as well as preferred terrain.

Every person is different. Determining which poles best suit a person can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience and how many benefits a person can achieve.  For people who have seen either DVD, we have a Pole Purchase Consultation Form.  You can fill it out (completely please) and we’ll call or email you to discuss what poles might best suit your body, your issues and your goals.

We hike with LEKI poles that are about 12 years old.  They have a lifetime warranty.    We take good care of them and they take good care of us!

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