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POLES for Balance, Mobility & Functional Walking

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We’ve updated the education page for the DVD:   POLES for Balance & Mobility.

This  DVD is chapter-based. The chapters are listed so you can easily find what you want to work on.  

This training is designed to be used as a progressive (you get better as you go) tool either on your own or in conjunction with your physical therapist or trainer.

You can work on one skill at a time or get an overview to decide where you are in your mobility.

Our progressive format is an important element – so many people have told us that they go back again and again after practicing.   We even put in learning tips so you can see how others approach these skills.

When you have a moment check out the updated page.

If you’re thinking about purchasing poles, take a look at the updated Pole Buyer’s Guide page as well as the Product Recommendations.

You can even fill out the Product Consultation Form at the bottom of the Recommendations page for some feedback on which poles might best suit

  • your structure
  • your issues
  • and your goals.

These are the 3 things we look at to determine which poles best suit and fit you.

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