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Utah Cairns: Artistically finding your way on the trail

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We love cairns – love, love, love!  Human-created piles of rocks, they’re often how we find the trail and the only way we know where to go.    One ranger said it perfectly:  “Make sure you can see the cairns which are almost always within sight of each other.  If you lose sight of a cairn, return to the last cairn and look around.” Be sure to click on the first picture to enlarge it.  This was one of our favorite cairns, placed as it was UP the trail on a gorgeous swirling rock.

Needles District

Island in the Sky, Neck Spring Loop

Two essentials on the trail!

Canyonlands, Island in the Sky, Grand View Point

Grand View Point Overlook

Canyonlands, Island in the Sky

Canyonlands, Needles District after the ladder

Canyonlands, Island in the Sky

Island in the Sky, Grand View Point, Sun Colors on Cairn


One Response to “Utah Cairns: Artistically finding your way on the trail”
  1. Steve says:

    Good day friends! I love your pics of cairns. I work in Provo Utah and live in the SLC Valley. I grew up hiking in California. I now go on walks along the Provo River walk at lunch. While on my walks, I have begun building cairns along my walk of about three miles. It has been fun. Some people have asked me what I am doing. I explain the origin of carins, although with a paved asphalt walkway, there seems little point, except as a youngster my uncle took my family on long hikes often spanning weeks in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I also build cairns as a tribute to him. In addition, where there used to be a pile of boring rocks, there is now something much more interesting. Some of them have been knocked over, but most of them have been left for all to see. It has been interesting to hear what people say as they walk or ride by them. I encourage everyone to start their own forest of carins!

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