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Winter Birding in the Bay Area, CA

November 30, 2010 by  
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Winter brings many wonderful birds to the Bay Area. We particularly love the water birds. Our friend and birder, Len Blumin,  digiscopes and sends us many wonderful photos.
Here’s the latest:

Canvasback, Male

The Canvasback is quite a looker, and one of the diving ducks not likely to be confused with other species around here. The chestnut colored head, with some black near the crown, combined with the beautiful slope of forehead into the long black bill, eliminate any look-alikes except for the Common Pochard, which has a black-tipped bill. The Redhead duck is similar but it too has a black-tipped bill, and the head color is a bit brighter and unspoiled by black.
Here the Canvasback male is seen in the warm low afternoon sunlight, which as it reflects off the water “paints” some texture onto the white flank and gray back. I know I’ve sent pics of Canvasback before, but they are easy targets, and hard to resist. Today’s photo bird was at Shorebird Marsh recently, which is one of the better places to find them. You can also see them Las Gallinas, Bahia, and Lake Merritt.

Aythya comes from a “diving bird”, and valisineria refers to Eel Grass, which it likes to eat.

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