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New Puppy? Advice from Veterinarian, Dale Paley

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What is more joyful than a new bundle of fur on Christmas morning?  Yes folks,  I am referring to that new puppy or kitten that all children seem to wish for as a present (one of many no doubt!!!)  So if you have taken that leap and now are wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into (as the puppy eats all the Christmas ornaments and tears the wrapping off the presents before your children do)… well I am recruited by AdventureBuddies to offer a little advice!

Jackson as a young lad

The New Puppy: (by Dr Dale)

– Do your homework before getting the puppy!
– Know what breed might be best for your family.
Start with: large or small size dog?  purebred or mix breed? maybe a puppy from the Humane society?   (save a life at Christmas what a nice thought!!)

The first year is the most important as the puppy grows from puppy hood (baby) to an adult… During this time, they will acquire all his/ her good or bad habits. Make sure you have time, energy and willingness to put time and effort into your new “family member’s” training and upbringing.   Mom… YOU will be doing the work… despite your child’s promise to take care of EVERYTHING,

Puppy proof your house. Puppies will get into and EAT everything so take stock and care to assure your new puppy does not get into and swallow your best pair of shoes, etc.  Think of your puppy as a Baby” (and mental capabilities along those same lines…) React accordingly!!   Be patient, but firm and consistent with all instructions. Be kind and use a reward system for good behavior (treats are great or simply kind words or touch are also very positive).

Get yourself a good puppy book to teach you the fundamentals of house-training and general concepts of dog behavior.

My nephew, Jackson

Speaking of house training … your puppy WILL make mistakes. At the young age, he/ she is not physically capable of holding urine for long periods of time. Don’t get frustrated and use positive reinforcement techniques to acquire you goals. Many people like to use crate training which is very acceptable. Animals in general do not like to soil where they sleep!

Feed your new puppy three times a day using a good quality puppy food both canned and dry (or just dry depending on your preference ) is preferable.   Make an appointment with your local vet to establish a new relationship.  They can give you advice on diet and address the many questions you will have by your first visit.  Most vets sell a brand of great quality dog food and you may choose to use theirs.

Dale Paley, DVM with new dumpster rescue kitty

Puppies need a series of vaccines and I cannot stress the importance of this enough! Start at 6-7 weeks, and then every 3-4 weeks until they are 16-20 weeks old. The “breeders” puppy vaccines are NOT adequate.   Don’t procrastinate on this!   Puppy diseases can be fatal to the puppy and heartbreaking to the owner!

Probably the most important thing to remember is that A TIRED puppy is a GOOD puppy!!!!” Lots of play and exercise and the puppy will spend less time eating your house, and more time sleeping.   Lastly, have fun with you new bundle of joy (and get lots of pictures!!!)

Dale Paley, DVM


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