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Ecology Cooking Tip for Tea Drinkers

January 23, 2011 by  
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Do you pre-heat your teapot?  Then do you pour that hot water down the drain?  Or do you have boiling water left over in your kettle after making your tea?

If so, here’s something you can do with that very hot water.  Pour it over your sponges in the sink.  Or put your good knives (the ones you do not put in your dishwasher) in the sink and pour that hot water over them.    Be careful not to pick up hot sponges or knives.  Do not leave knives in the sink where they can become cluttered and then cut you.

Washing and/or sanitizing sponges is important.  You can do it many ways.  You can put them in your dishwasher when you run it.  You can soak them in a solution of bleach and water.   This hot water rinse is an interim way to clean your sponges.

If you have lots of hot water left over, you can pour it down your bathroom sink or tub.  This can help clear your drains.

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