Saturday, April 1, 2023

Walking with Hand Weights: Is this a good or bad idea?

Walking with hand weights is a TERRIBLE idea.

Why do people walk with hand weights? One word:  TIME.   Everyone is busy; trying to get in all the exercise we know is good for us is tough.  So we combine, we consolidate and we multitask. Here are some problems we see with people who walk with hand weights:

  • No one is ever smiling.
  • Walking form suffers – often significantly.
  • What movements are people doing?  Mostly Biceps curls.  Oh goody, lots of biceps curls – maybe 400?  This is repetitive movement of the elbow joint: think tendinitis.
  • What good do the weights do when they’re not in use?  NOTHING.
  • Hands have to GRIP the weights.  This impairs a natural arm swing.  This inhibits spinal rotation.  You lose the spinal lubrication that is inherent in healthy walking.
  • Gripping causes strain in the fragile joints of the hand.
  • What happens to the shoulders?  Mostly they rotate forward.  This is TERRIBLE for posture.  It looks OLD.
  • Do you need more reasons why walking with hand weights is a terrible idea?

Now, if you want to multitask or up the energy in your walk, try Nordic Walking. Search Nordic Walking on this blog and, if you still have ANY doubts at all, contact us.


3 Responses to “Walking with Hand Weights: Is this a good or bad idea?”
  1. Cindy says:

    Wonderful!! Thank you!!!!

  2. You would think that with most people — overweight — that they my find that hand weights less convenient as well as compromising form and the benefits of walking…Look on the bright side even for a while you come with enough weight to add resistance — I say this with all the compassion for knowing weight can be a struggle — Know that if yo find your Why? Why am I compelled beyond any other objection to just do it — Lose weight — you can do it — grab your poles and a friend 😉

  3. Hey Jayah, Hope all is well…