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Flowers of Spring: Happy Hiking and Flower Counting Rules

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Each season brings new magic to hikers.  I especially love the FungusAmongus and Newts of Winter and  the emergence of Spring.  It’s wonderful to see the flowers blooming as the days lengthen and the season unfolds.  Like familiar friends, we celebrate each new arrival.

The hillsides are green in Northern California.  Spring has sprung!  We hope to see you OTT (on the trail), with your poles, enjoying, exercising and enthusing about the wonders of nature.  Click on any picture to enlarge and learn its name.  Be sure to exclaim over the Fetid Adder’s Tongue.  This flower is easy to miss, exquisite, early and pollinated by ants.   See below for Flower Counting Rules.

AdventureBuddies’ Flower Counting Rules:

  1. If you can see the color, you can count it.  You don’t need to know what it is – it’s still beautiful and in bloom!
  2. Each number is special in some way.
  3. You can only talk about the number you’re on (otherwise it’s easy to get confused).
  4. If you lose count, you start the hike over.
  5. Like with newts, any number greater than zero, denotes a successful Flower Hike!

Legend:  Star Lilly (Zigadenus)), Woodland Star, Indian Warriors, Iris, Indian Warrior, Trillium, Fetid Adder’s Tongue, Mission Bell, Larkspur, Newt, Henderson Shooting Star (2), Sun Cup, Hound’s Tongue (2)


5 Responses to “Flowers of Spring: Happy Hiking and Flower Counting Rules”
  1. Steven says:

    We were out on Diaz Ridge on Saturday hiking down to Slide Ranch and then back along the coast through Muir Beach Overlook. The heather has turned hillsides to purple. Fantastic. And, the incredible orange of the poppy can now be seen. I am clearly much more drawn to flowers that don’t rely on ants for pollination (apologies to the fetid adder’s tongue lovers)

  2. How lovely to see these beautiful wildflowers even before the Ides of March. I live at 5,400 feet on Colorado’s Front Range. The crocuses are our and the tulips are coming up in the garden, but the grass is still brown, the trees haven’t leafed out yet — and the high country is blanketed w/ deep snow. I love to ski & snowshoe, but I also treasure wildflower season. It’s just much later.

  3. puppy says:

    these are awesome

  4. Cindy says:

    What wonderful pictures! Almost as good as being there in person!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much!

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