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BIRDING: Another great post from our Bird-Buddy, Len Blumin

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Okay, so it was as cold and rainy as a mid-January day in Fall City today (June 1!). But the glass in my scope was “half full”, so it viewed things as a beautiful morning for a California Quail, singing in a Buckeye tree along the entry drive to Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Martin Griffin Preserve.

I’ve seen the upper chest of songbirds bulge with their singing, but this is the first time I noted it in a Quail.

As most of you know, the California Quail is our state bird, and here we can see many of the features we know and love, including the top knot, rufous cap, busy brown forehead, scaled belly and finely scaled neck.

The Martin Griffin Preserve along Bolinas Lagoon is in full swing right now, with 60+ nests of Great Egrets, mostly with chicks of varying age.   MGP is every weekend thru early July, but best to go soon, and enjoy the great new Henderson Overlook grandstand.  Better action than a Giants’ Game, at a bargain price! Call 415-868-9244 for details. You can also visit almost any Tues-Fri after 1:30, but best to call first, as visitors are restricted until the school kids leave.

Cheers, Len


3 Responses to “BIRDING: Another great post from our Bird-Buddy, Len Blumin”
  1. Joe says:

    Nice picture. We watch a small covey of these birds from our dining room while having breakfast. They are a common bird here in the Sierra foothills and always a pleasure to watch and to listen with their distinctive “Chi-ca-go” call.

  2. Do you have any bluejay photos?


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