Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rocky Mountain National Park POLES Field Seminar

What’s the very best way to learn optimal use of poles and really feel the many benefits?  Out on the trail. We try out different models, we learn ways to improve performance on a variety of terrain, we explore ways to preserve our joints and to improve confidence, endurance and strength.  We share tips and strategies for more completely enjoying the glorious outdoors!

Here are some photos from my recent visit to CO.  We hold this seminar through the Rocky Mountain Nature Association on one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever seen:  from Wild Basin Trailhead (get there early because the parking lot fills up) to Ouzel Falls by way of Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades.  Roaring water most of the way up.  Waterfall after cascading waterfall.     Click on any photo to enlarge and click the back button to return to the post.

On rocky terrain/trails, try to step on “flat” places.  This will help your ankles.

Be careful you don’t leave your poles just lying around.  Notice how our poles are nicely propped safely out of the way?  And no, they’re not teetering ready to fall into the raging torrent.  I’ve heard tales of chipmunks eating pole straps.  I’ve seen and heard so many strange tales that this did not surprise me.  Plus those little guys are BOLD.

Happy Summer 2011!  Late Spring in Rocky Mountain National Park was glorious.

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