Saturday, June 10, 2023

Trekking Poles Tip: How to turn up your POWER

HIKERS:  Try snugging up your straps. Yes, it’s that simple.  If you use the straps correctly and your body optimally, the poles are an extension of your arms.   It’s easier to feel the PUSH of the poles on flat and uphill if you’re using them in a pushing action.  This sounds simplistic, but try tightening your straps the next time you want to really MOVE and see how it feels.

This extra POWER  presumes you’re using poles optimally and also using gloves.  We like simple bike gloves – no Velcro and finger pockets for easy removal.  They can significantly improve your performance,  reduce hand strain and protect your hands on the trail.

Notice the distinction we make between correctly and optimally.  This is very important and deliberate.  EveryBODY is different and it’s important to LISTEN to your body.  Make accommodation where and when you need to.

  • Optimal use of poles means you’re getting the most benefit for your body based on your goals.  Your goals usually depend on your issues and the terrain.
  • Correct use means you know the basics.  For example, how many times have you seen people hiking with their travel tips on or hauling themselves uphill?  Or using straps in a way that facilitates what we call “The Death Grip?”

The list of non-optimal things we see on the trail goes on and on. I like to focus on good form and I enjoy when people want to learn and understand that, by learning, they get better exercise, improve their performance and their enjoyment of the outdoors.

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