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Learning to useTrekking Poles, DVD Testimonial

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Hi Jayah!   I am currently reviewing the Poles for Balance and Mobility video. I have lent my Trekking video to a few people who are doing a better job with their poles now.   I am still amazed at how much you are able to get across to them in the video.

I am getting a lot better with my poles, really enjoying the benefits of your method.   One slight observation, as a cross country ski instructor, I disagree with you and LEKI on the right and left pole instruction.   I find the thumb on top of the top strap works best for me no matter what the label says.   I have tried it the other way and get blisters.   I could use my gloves, I know.

I hope to catch another of your seminars, I like your image of the Physical Therapy person working with poles.   I like to imagine the entire trail lined with those rails used in PT that allow people to learn to walk again.   Here is my free slogan for you:

Freedom of the trails, safety of the rails!  Keep trekking!  Eileen

Dear Eileen:  Be careful with that fragile thumb joint.  Yes, gloves will probably solve the problem. 

Yes, you’re right.  We’ve completely maxed out two DVD’s with training, supplemented by info on this blog.  To teach is to learn.  Thank you so much for your lovely email that I share on my blog.  Plus it’s a good excuse to share some more flowers.  Be sure to click on the honeysuckle to enlarge, click the back button to return to blog.



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One Response to “Learning to useTrekking Poles, DVD Testimonial”
  1. JoAnne Morris says:

    Jayah….I have been walking for a very long time. but I have learned something so valuable from you!

    Swinging from the shoulder automatically lengthens the stride. And lengthening the stride causes one to land more on the heel instead of flat-footed. And landing on the heel propels one forward and increases ones speed. I have cut 10 minutes off my morning loop! And to prove that you are right in saying that older people tend to pump from the elbows (and take shorter steps), this 10 minutes that I picked up puts me right back to the time it used to take me when I started this loop 30 years ago. I had no idea that my walking had aged!

    Blessings, JoAnne

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