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Posture and Memory: How to improve both!

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Yikes!   SO many things to remember all the time.   To maintain optimal and erect posture is WORK.   So how do I coach people to lengthen, elongate, lift, scan and BE  TALL?

My two best tools:

  1. If something enters your realm of consciousness, honor it.
  2. Every time you stop and start, press your RESET button.

That’s it!

I shall elaborate, but first, I need to talk about what a teacher or trainer does in order to achieve the desired result.   If I said the same thing to you 20 times and you were not “getting it,” who is at fault?  And, yes, there is fault here.   Well, I, as the instructor need to change my message.   I need to find another way – something that resonates for YOU.

That’s why I have so many cues in my toolbox that sound similar – I’m looking for the key to your lock, so that you will feel the lift, feel the difference, achieve the optimal (fill in the blank, in this case POSTURE) result.

Now for elaboration on my TWO tools:
#1)    DON’T try to remember everything.   Just allow whatever floats into your brain to be there; recognize and honor it, follow it.   That cue, that reminder, is linked with others so they naturally follow.   Forcing good form does NOT work.

#2)   What and were is your reset button?
What:   An imaginary button that you mentally press that brings you into your optimal posture.
Where:  Probably the middle of your chest.
When:   Press it every time you stop and start and then FORGET ABOUT IT.   When you remember to press it, give yourself a pat on the back.   When you forget – well you remembered, but just a little late.  Yippee!  Give yourself a high five!

What works for you?


One Response to “Posture and Memory: How to improve both!”
  1. Jayah,

    Improving your posture will improve memory. When the body is in erect alignment, breathing is fuller and deeper, sending more oxygen to the brain for better memory. This will help you remember your reset button more often.