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PoleWalking: Floral Adventure with Trekking Poles

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Jayne LOVES her poles. 

Today we visited the Dahlia Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
Me with my new camera (learning) and Jayne with her trusty trekking poles.
They help her stride along the paths and give her more UMPH!

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September 1, 2011 and the Dahlias are in full glorious bloom.  Golden Gate Park (during the week) is a wonderful place to explore.  Weekends are busy and parking is tough.  But we were able to park right in front of the spectacular Conservatory of Flowers and enjoy the FREE Dahlia Garden (just East or to the R as you’re facing the Conservatory) and the lovely wooded paths just behind the Garden.

A quote for you:  “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.”  Gerry Spence

We certainly felt a sense of wonder today!   Take your poles and explore your back yard.  You might just be surprised!


3 Responses to “PoleWalking: Floral Adventure with Trekking Poles”
  1. Tracy Thomas says:

    The flowers are specatacular! What kind of camera did you get. Im wondering if as politically active and passionate as you if you will ever run to represent.

  2. Jayne Ross says:

    Beautiful walk in a beautiful place. Thanks Jayah for introducing me to wonderful walking. 🙂

    • Jayah says:

      Update! We talked with the gardener. They plant in April. Blooms start in May. They have color until October, sometimes even until December. Peak is mid-to-late-August.


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