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Hiking Utah National Parks, Part 1

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Weather manages our outdoor activities.  Our journey to Utah parks was flip-flopped (again this year) so we could enjoy clear roads and excellent hiking weather, skipping snow, rain & ice in Bryce in favor of  50-ish degree perfect hiking weather in Moab.

Day 1:  Our first hike was the Neck Spring Loop, a LONG 5 mile hike in the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park.  This loop was an excellent way to start the trip.  It’s an easy hike to find and has such a variety of terrain and features – it’s definitely one of our favorites.  From there we drove a short distance to hike a short distance to see Upheaval Dome.

Day 2 was also Canyonlands – we drove south to the Needles District to repeat an awesome hike we did 2 years ago.

Photos 1 & 3 show Neck Spring Hike & #2 is our first sight of the Needles after climbing up and down 2  ladders.  These new ladders were a huge improvement over what we encountered previously.   Thank you National Park Service!

Below are photos of the famous Landscape Arch and the fins in Arches National Park during our Devil’s Garden hike.  Part of this hike involved walking on top of one of those fins.  Often the direction you do a hike is critical.  Devil’s Garden is one of those – do it counterclockwise.  3rd photo is Elephant Canyon in Needles District.

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We used our trekking poles every day.  Our rubber tipswhich we always carry with us – went on and off the poles.

When on slick rock, we either used poles with rubber tips or no poles.  The tips are more grippy (technical term).

At the end of the main trail at Devil’s Garden is a huge vertical rock called Dark Angel.  As we walked around the rock, we saw 2 climbers on the top edge heading for the top.  We watched them climb and, by the time we were walking away down the trail, they were enjoying lunch at the top of the rock.

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of our journey.

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