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Trail Art – Cairns are Hikers’ Friends

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We are huge fans of cairns.  They show hikers the way.  They come in all shapes and sizes and designs.  They’re trail ART!  Below are some of my favorites – be sure to click on #4 – it’s a whole Cairn City in Bryce.

Not a cairn, but during our Canyonlands hikes,we saw Juniper Berries covering the ground like a blue carpet.  It was amazing!When hiking, look for cairns to find your way.  Don’t step over branches in the trail as these may be markers to keep you on the trail.  It’s easy to go off trail in these environs, so look for cairns – they’re your friends.  Feel free to repair or even top cairns!  Cairn topping is a great hobby!

Cairn Photos:

  • Cairn on a rock ledge – Arches National Park
  • Cairn showing the way up the trail – Canyonlands – Needles District
  • Cairn pyramid – Canyonlands Island in the Sky
  • Cairn City – Bryce
  • Juniper Berries – Canyonlands

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