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Rubber Tips for Trekking Poles: Why & What Kind to Consider

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Rubber tips are sold as optional accessories for trekking poles.  They’re NOT optional.   The travel tips that come with many poles (clear, orange or black plastic) are garbagetoss them out (or recycle them).Pole Tips from Carol at Y   In many of this blog’s updates we describe how rubber tips improve performance, prevent joint strain, increase safety and enhance your outdoor experiences.

There are 3 tips we like and they all fit on the poles we like:  LEKI, Black Diamond (2 models only) and Exerstrider.

Our product recommendations are based on an individual’s structure, issues and goals.

One size does NOT fit all.  Short poles are sold as “women’s” poles – after all, we all know there are no tall women and no compact guys….. Back to rubber tips (sorry for the rant). 🙂

  • The basic hiking tip (on left) sells for $5/pair and is perfect for pavement walking and slick rock.  They fit nicely in your pocket or pack and are perfect to store on poles when they’re not in use.
  • The bell tip (middle) adds significant stability for our mobility-challenged pole users.
  • The boot (right) is super cool and adds both cushion and propulsion for our exercise walkers.  The bell and the boot sell for about $10/pair.

When we  fit a person for poles, part of that process includes determining what tip works and feels best.  For example, a person who needs a bit more “cushion” because of shoulder or wrist issues might like the boot.  Or does the anti-shock feature “fit”?  Which grip fits and feels best?  Are trekking poles gloves indicated?

It’s not rocket science, but  finding the pair of poles that will serve a lifetime, poles with which you can develop a loving connection, is a bit of an art.   My poles are about 12 years old and I LOVE them.  They get more comfortable every year and they serve me well out OTT (on the trail).  Because I use my rubber tips when I need them, the trail tips are still razor sharp and perform as designed.

Desert Hiking & Desert Horse-back Riding

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Anza Borrego Desert State Park:   This very accessible desert is full of wonderful places to explore – canyons, caves, mesas, nature trails and more.  Borrego Springs is the main town and has lots of great accommodations – below you can see the main street was decked out for President’s Day.

Desert Light (Large) Borrego Springs Presidents Day (Large)
Wind Caves (Large) Sleepy Bighorn (Large)

A quick flight to San Diego and a short drive over the mountain and we’re there.  At the top of the mountain, we stop in the lovely town of Julian and pick up some goodies from my favorite shop – the Julian Tea Company – and  pies from the Julian Pie Company.

We hiked thru the wind caves, enjoyed the desert terrain (carefully) and rode thru an Ocotillo Forest.  We saw bighorn sheep in Palm Canyon.  Look for the people stopped and staring and you’ll see sheep.

Bob Stuck (Large) Cholla (Large)
Comet (Large) Canter (Large)

Hiking thru big rocks can be tricky – ha ha, Bob got stuck.Sandra and  Spats (Large)

Watch out for “jumping” cholla!  They pop out as you walk or ride by.  We had to be hyper-aware and get off our horses periodically to check their legs as we rode thru the many desert trails.  The stream crossings were fun.  My horse (Comet – above) shook violently all over after every crossing.  The first time was quite a surprise  🙂

We recommend a walk around the lovely Nature Center to become familiar with the plants before you head out hiking.  It’s nice to know what you’re seeing and what to watch out for.

If you like to ride – check out SmokeTree Arabian Ranch.  Dr. Sandra has quite a variety of lovely equine experiences – the horses are sublime and the scenery is stunning 🙂

As always, click on any photo to enlarge and click the back button to return to post.  We recommend the first photo in this post.  The afternoon light on the cactus was shimmering.

 Bob and Jayah Riding (Large)