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Go NOW – Springtime Splendor

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Mt. Tam in the Springtime – after a rain – hillsides COVERED with colorshow-stopping splendor (forgive my little point and shoot – click on any photo to enlarge, click back button to return to post):

Lupine hillside (Large) Purple Larkspur (Large)
BBE (Large) Swabbie (Large)

Coastal trail is alive with flowers right now – hillsides of purple lupine.   Near Rock Springs we see yellow/gold hillsides.  Cream cups are one of my favorites 🙂  This kind of display is really when you want to be able to look at something besides your feet while enjoying your buddies and the outdoors – we love our poles!

Cream Cup and Goldfields (Large) 2 cream cups (Large)
Hikers and lupine hillside (Large) BBE Blue (Large)

Above hikers on near purple lupine hillside on Coastal Trail – north of Pantoll Ranger Station.  The baby blue eyes (2 pictured) literally cover several hillsides.  Go now, it’s as good as it gets.

Tuck your pant legs into your socks if you don’t have gaiters.  Do a tick check periodically and especially before you get into your car.  Happy Trails!

Pole Shadow (Large)  I like how my poles

were shadowed in this hillside shot.

This yellow/gold hillside

is just West of Rock Springs

parking lot and is stunning!





2 Responses to “Go NOW – Springtime Splendor”
  1. Nancy Trock CPT says:

    Here in Chicagoland! I have Exel carbon Nordic walking poles in all sizes AND our spring classes have begun in Oak Park, Illinois, a world-class architectural mecca. Lessons/Poles/Classes/Tours … 708. 699. GOOD ( 4663 ),0,5630521.column

  2. Ellen says:

    Stunning! The Cherry Blossoms are finally out in DC, too. Isn’t Spring GRAND!

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