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Annual Gift Guide – 2013 Top Picks

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Bay Nature Magazine

Bay Nature Magazine

Now for the radical gift idea !

Growing up in South Florida, my parents knew a man who created (invented?) a special toilet seat bidet.  You remove your existing toilet seat and this replacement toilet seat washes and dries your bottom.  Down with Brown!  Virtually no more toilet paper.  I’ve had one my entire life.  The one I own costs about $750 and is amazing.   Other companies have them (like Toto).  Adding a Toto toilet seat bidet to your existing toilet costs A BUNDLE.

I’ve found a company that is importing a simpler – but still highly effective – version that you can purchase for about $55 delivered.  They’re easy to install right under your existing toilet seat and take up almost no space.  They require NO electricity.

The reactions I get from people when I mention this are quite varied.  Some people are instantly opposed to the idea.  Anyone – I mean EVERYONE – who tries it –  LOVES it.  It’s great for people with back problems.  It’s SO hygienic.

I gave one to a friend facing surgery.  He LOVES it.

I share this info because I deeply appreciate my blog readers.  This is a life-enhancing-changing item.   It saves paper.  It’s gentler on fragile aging skin. It’s even a bit stimulating for helping elimination.  Below is the one we have that I LOVE (replaced our $750 one when it finally bit the dust after 20 years). Be sure and get the shape that fits your toilet (round or elongated):


2 Responses to “Annual Gift Guide – 2013 Top Picks”
  1. David says:

    Those bidet toilet seats are pretty cool but as you noted they are expensive, especially the Japanese ones. If you ever tried one you would see that the Hand Bidet Sprayer which is common in Asia costs a fraction by comparison, is much easier to install and actually does a better job cleaning you. It does a better job (I’ve tried both many times) because it has a much greater water flow and you can control exactly where it sprays compared to the fixed water spraying wand on the bidet toilet seat. It also requires basically no maintenance and therefore no additional costs down the road. See

    • Note to my readers: I have not personally tried these. I have tried and installed and love the one I list in my post. I approved this comment to give my readers another perspective/option. There is no commission to AdventureBuddies regardless of your choice.

      BUT, once you try a bidet type system, you will never go back. If you’re feeling resistant, please let me know why as I’m perplexed about why people do not jump up and down for this idea 🙂

      One client said she thinks it’s modesty; another said it’s new. I wonder if it’s just that, not having been exposed to the significant benefit of a toilet seat or regular bidet (as so many in Europe have been), people are just not willing to consider such a “radical” idea. What say you?