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Annual Gift Guide – Granary Bulk Foods

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I’ve been a regular customer of this company for about 20 years.    They focus on quality products, minimal packaging (yippee!) and unusual items.   I love their mixes – bread mixes for my bread machine, cookie, brownie, gingerbread cake (great holiday item) as well as so many other items.

Here’s our 2013 picks:

Rada Tomato Slicer:  At $6.10 this is one of the most amazing gift items EVER.  Made in USA, the quality is superb and every single person I’ve given this knife to – LOVES IT!  Before you gift it, I suggest you write in RED sharpee marker – Tomato Slicer – on the sleeve.  Order several to give as gifts year round (especially in tomato season) and be sure to keep one for yourself!

Silicone Spatula Spoon:  You’ll have to call or email to get this one.  The large one is $12 and the small one is $8.  The design is so cool!  It sits up so that the spoon is raised.  Silicone is durable and does not scratch non-stick pans.   They come in great, bright colors.   Great gift – very unusual and incredibly useful!

Rada Pie Plate:  If you’re making a pie for the holidays, this pie plate ROCKS!  At $23.25, it’s a bit pricey, but so worth it!

Granary Bulk Foods:   920-830-3311
Explore their website before you call – Great spices, Almond Emulsion, gosh – have fun!


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