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Improve your Performance on the Trail with Athletic Compression Socks

December 5, 2013 by  
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I’ve been experimenting with athletic compression socks.  The verdict is IN!

When I wear my fancy (hot pink) compression socks, my legs, calves and feet are less tired.  They really do improve my performance.

A friend who has hammer toes, uses the individual toe type (Injinji) socks and finds them extremely helpful.

I splurged and spent $50 on a pair of socks.  I thought I was nuts….UNTIL I felt the significant benefits.

There are SO many options out there.  Start by clicking the free shipping link below.  Search for compression socks.   Free Shipping with $50 Minimum Purchase at REI!

I recommend compression socks for all my clients who fly.  Get the highest compression that you find comfortable and that you can put on.  Be patient, putting compression socks on is more difficult than you might expect, but well worth the effort!

You can also check this website.

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