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Pole Care

May 30, 2015 by  
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Take good care of your poles and they’ll take good care of you.

  • When your poles get dirty – wipe them down.
  • When your poles get wettake them apart and let them dry overnight.
    • morning dew, fog, rain, stream crossings – any moisture at all can cause corrosion
  • If you get poison oak on your poles, wash them with soap and water or rubbing alcohol, using enough soap or alcohol to cut the oil not just move it around.   Do not use Tecnu.
  • Never lubricate your poles.
  • If your poles start “sticking,” you’ll need to clean them with a pole cleaning kit – outside, with newspaper to prevent metal shavings from causing trouble.  With a little preventative care you can avoid this and you’ll keep your poles happy and healthy for YEARS.  🙂

You need to know how to take your poles apart and put them back together.  Some people are actually fearful of this and it’s a basic requirement  for pole care and travel.  It’s easy when you know how.

Ecology Cooking: How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes In The Kitchen

May 27, 2015 by  
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Great Post about how to cook broccoli and other kitchen tips.  11 minute video that I loved and share with my AdventureBuddies 🙂

I’ve ruined many a batch of long beans until I learned this method and now they come out perfect every time – crunchy and bright green, not gray and mushy.  It’s a concept/way of approaching cooking that works for many things.

Of course, we heard about this on KQED (our local public radio station).