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Glacier National Park Animals – 3 of 3

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Here’s the 3rd Glacier post – Animals.  We did not see moose or bear, but others did and we had some other great sightings of animals during our journey to Glacier National Park.

goldeneye in front of rock caterpillar goat dislodging rocks
bee baby quail Goats at lodge
ptarmigan and baby clark's nutcracker marmot from bob
  •  a female goldeneye,
  • a future flutterby,
  • a mountain goat that dislodged a huge rock that came rolling down the hill almost hitting someone in our group,
  • a bee on a flower,
  • a baby quail about 1.5″ long,
  • sheep (goats?) strolling by the lodge,
  • a ptarmigan (or grouse?) with her chick,
  • a Clark’s nutcracker and
  • a marmot.
  • Below is another photo of the Goldeneye and her brood as they were being blown down the lake.  She had 6 “kids” and they were swimming up, being blown down, swimming up, being blown down – it was very funny and quite a challenge to get them into frame at high zoom.  Enlarge the one below – it’s really cute!  Click the back button to return to post.
golden eye family tight


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