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Glacier National Park – 2 of 3

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Part 2 of 3 – Vegetable-ish (flowers, etc.)  It’s impossible (for me) to capture the abundance of hillsides full of color, but here are some close ups 🙂  Remember to click on any photo to enlarge and click the back button to return to the post.

penstemmon monkey in lava snowberries

Above are purple penstemon (the photo I worked hardest to take, laying on my tummy on the rocks), pink monkey flowers (in lava rock – technically not Glacier, but Newberry Volanic National Monument in Oregon) but we saw LOTS of monkey flowers at Glacier.  I really like how the pink contrasts against the black lava rock.  Last photo above of snow berries.  Below are are a rare white flower (our leader knew the name, but I forgot), fireweed, painbrush, columbine (my favorite flower photo), buckwheat and cascading corn flowers.

rare white flower fireweed paintbrush
columbine buckwheat cornflower

Here are some non-flowers, hence the term vegetable 🙂  lichen on cliff wall and 2 kinds of red berries.  If you’re going to enlarge just one or 2 photos, make sure you click on the lichen to see the colors of the rock and the detail.

lichen on argolyte red berries solomon berries

Thanks to my friend Alison for helping me select a new camera for this journey.  I think the close ups are reasonable and you’ll see in the animals post why I wanted the ZOOM.


One Response to “Glacier National Park – 2 of 3”
  1. Hannah says:

    Awesome pictures-you’ve beautifully captured the floral wonders of glacier national park. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the persistence of flowers among the terrain.

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