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Shoe Insole Helps Your FEET!

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My Feet, My Feet!

Hikers have FEET!  I have not used commercial insoles that come in the shoes for YEARS.  I’ve tried every insole I could find and, as I get older, my feet seem to need more help.  FINALLY, I found an insole that makes a huge difference.  I’ve been telling my hiking buddies about it and have enough people who have thanked me and raved about it, I feel I can recommend to my AdventureBuddies here:

Use the link above to search for your size. You want PowerStep Pinnacle Max. I tried the regular, but LOVE the Max.
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One Response to “Shoe Insole Helps Your FEET!”
  1. Loretta Armstrong says:

    Hello, just purchased the PowerStep Pinnacle Max. through Amazon, but at no time did I see your link. They arrived this afternoon and I’m testing them at this very moment. After a day or so using them I’ll let you know how I like them. For the moment, they are feeling just fine! Thank you.