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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Happy Holidays & Happy/Safe Trails! Our top picks this year are simple. Please consider purchasing your poles (and rubber tips) from REI or your local outfitter. If you click thru this blog, you support AdventureBuddies and we thank you!

These poles have an ergonomic 15 degree angled cork grip which makes your hands/wrists/elbows/shoulders happier than the straight grip poles. Cork is absorbent and comfortable. These trekking/hiking poles come in 2 sizes: Regular & “Women’s”

“Women’s” model is more compact (shorter) and fits hikers under 5’2″ and walkers (who are not adjusting out long): (click next or previous to see poles/tips)

Then, and yes this makes our list every year, there’s the Spot Headlamp – still one of the best, most practical gifts imaginable.

Lastly, we love this aloe cream. Ever since radiation I’ve searched for a good aloe cream (without petroleum and fragrance) and this one is amazing! It’s my go-to gift.

Don’t forget to order rubber tips when you purchase poles. These are the ones that fit trekking poles:

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