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Social Distance, Corona Virus and Survival Strategies

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Here are some ideas for our troubled times:

Toilet Paper – how many sheets do you REALLY NEED? Let’s help protect our supply chain by CONSERVING!
– challenge – carefully fold 3 or 4 sheets and see how little you can effectively use.

Social Distance in the store – use your shopping cart BEHIND YOU. You can really only control the distance in front of you, let the cart do behind you.

Here’s a great video on food safety:

If you look at the video, also enjoy the comments, there are more great ideas in there.

Social Distance for POLE Hikers

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Most people on the trail GET IT. They’re maintaining respectful distances. A few notable exceptions caused me to rethink my pole etiquette. I’ve been a pole etiquette EVANGELIST for some time now, making my intentions clear so we all have space on even narrow trails.

But yesterday’s runners, cyclists, large groups and parents have forced a proaction on my part. An optimally adjusted pole and an extended arm (angled slightly downward so it does not look like a weapon, but a friendly warning) creates a 6′ distance and alerts those who are not either paying attention or don’t care to please provide the social distance necessary to fight this pandemic. It’s either that or forego being outside.

We need to work together so we can all be safe.

Coronavirus – stay safe

Since Chemo, I have shunned handshakes. It’s hard to do and seems like rejection OR I cringe when offered a handshake and almost immediately look for the closest sink to wash up. If anything good comes from this scare, this might be it.

But in the meantime – stay safe, please!

Free weights in the gym are germ factories. I’ve used sanitizer on them for years.
I’ve washed poles with alcohol for removing poison oak oil; now I’m including the grips. I mix 90% alcohol with a little water and spray the grips. They dry quickly.
I’ve made my own hand sanitizer after finding none in stores and IMO it’s BETTER than the commercial stuff. I got the recipe on line and it’s wonderful.
– 2/3 99% alcohol – bottom line, you need to end up with at least 60% alcohol
– 1/3 aloe gel
– a few drops of an essential oil you like – simple.
note: oil might coagulate so I’ve been making infusions by adding dried lavender or desert white sage to the alcohol and letting it cure a bit before adding to the aloe.
So save your little containers.

What strategies are you using?