Friday, March 31, 2023

Coronavirus – stay safe

Since Chemo, I have shunned handshakes. It’s hard to do and seems like rejection OR I cringe when offered a handshake and almost immediately look for the closest sink to wash up. If anything good comes from this scare, this might be it.

But in the meantime – stay safe, please!

Free weights in the gym are germ factories. I’ve used sanitizer on them for years.
I’ve washed poles with alcohol for removing poison oak oil; now I’m including the grips. I mix 90% alcohol with a little water and spray the grips. They dry quickly.
I’ve made my own hand sanitizer after finding none in stores and IMO it’s BETTER than the commercial stuff. I got the recipe on line and it’s wonderful.
– 2/3 99% alcohol – bottom line, you need to end up with at least 60% alcohol
– 1/3 aloe gel
– a few drops of an essential oil you like – simple.
note: oil might coagulate so I’ve been making infusions by adding dried lavender or desert white sage to the alcohol and letting it cure a bit before adding to the aloe.
So save your little containers.

What strategies are you using?

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