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Vapor Shield

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As a vapor shield, I’ve been using a wide nylon headband, doubled up, to cover my nose and mouth while outside near ANYONE. I found the product below, have ordered it and will review it. I like something I can pull up and turn when it gets moist.

This morning, on my bike ride, I saw about 80% of the people using some sort of face covering – a HUGE improvement. An unsubstantiated study I read said that vapor carries about 10′ for walkers, 30 for joggers (I interpret hiking uphill as the same as jogging) and cycling 60′. Add wind and direction and calculate for yourself.

Covering up is for me and for EVERYONE ELSE. Show you care!

I’ll keep you posted on how this product works out – it’s due in about 2-3 weeks. Stay Safe!

If, for some reason the above link does not appear, you can typing this link into your browser:

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