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What is the best balance exercise?

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Many people would say standing on one leg. But what about the lady who brushed her teeth standing on one leg for one minute each and developed HIP PAIN?

Balance is complicated.

So what IS the best balance exercise?
In a word – YES!

Yes!! – Something you do for balance every day.

Even simply activating your tibialis anterior (shin) muscles with quality foot pumps, helps prevent shuffling and tripping (and falling). Heel raises or foot circles for ROM (Range of Motion), address your ankles which are hugely important for balance.

In the Poles for Mobility class, we practice an exercise involving stepping backwards. If you lose this, you fall over backwards.

So what can you do for your balance?

Give yourself a DAILY mental checkmark/pat on the back when you’ve done something for your balance.

I have a favorite balance exercise that involves movement (most falls happen in some kind of movement) that also stretches the quads and shoulders/chest, tractions the wrist/forearm and engages the core. Stay tuned for the next post (I promise it won’t be 1 ½ years away) for the answer.

But, FOR YOU, where are you feeling the least balance? Laterally? Behind you? Probably not in front because walking is a controlled fall. Remember, balance is COMPLICATED. Visual, Vestibular, Somatosensory. Figure out your challenge(s) and, from that, you can get the most out of your time spent working on your balance.

Feel free to comment below with your favorite balance exercise.


2 Responses to “What is the best balance exercise?”
  1. Ollie says:

    I put/take my socks and underwear on/off standing up. This requires balancing on one foot. Tying shoelaces standing has similar benefits. This makes taking warmup pants off much easier when the bench is wet. Putting on socks sitting on a big blue ball brings in your stomach muscles.

  2. pam valois says:

    I look forward to anything and everything Jayah sends out. Decades ago, she coached me and my husband on how to use and choose our poles, and her tips and experience have been so valuable.I’m pleased to read (in this balance blog) that movement of the shins with quality movement will help overall. Now I’m waiting for the next blog – Jayah’s favorite balance exercise. Thank you, Jayah!