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Personal Training for Parkinson’s Disease

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The sooner I can get people using poles, the better for building muscle memory.  People who face mobility challenges find profound freedom of movement  when using poles for walking and exercise.  Here’s a note from a wife/caregiver/client whose husband with PD who lived out the remainder of his life walking and being there for his family…

“Dear Friends of Jayah,

Our doctor recommended my husband receive physical therapy.  He had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  We visited the physical therapist, learned a lot, but she recommended Jayah Faye Paley on a regular basis to guide and help us.  She  gave Jayah the highest recommendation.

Jayah arrived like a breath of fresh air.  How she managed to keep such a sunshine disposition always astounds me, even now that she gives me exercises and help.  Parkinson’s is a draining disease.  I found I was angry a lot and irritable.  I wanted my old life back.  I hired help, but it was always a bit crazy; whereas, Jayah was solid.  She liked my husband, and he liked AND obeyed her; what he wouldn’t do for me, he did for her.  She came at first once or twice a week, but she was so valuable in keeping him active that I think she eventually came three times.  She knows her business thoroughly.  I suppose that is another reason my husband, a former UC B professor of engineering, admired and respected her.

She complimented him with his use of the poles, what he liked very much as he had been a superb skier.  She gave me respite, what I needed.  I looked forward to her coming because Iain was in good hands and I felt freedom.  Jayah also helped me with other care givers, guiding them to do exercises with my husband.  This was very important in the last years of his life when Parkinson’s truly took hold of his movement and activities.

I am happy to answer any further questions.  I look back on the last years of my husband’s life and realize that Jayah made the difference.  I look back on those years as precious because he was still present, what I miss so much now, even 4 1/2 years later.  He was diminished, but he was there and he tried to please.”

Joan F, Berkeley, CA

Using POLES for Walking & Maintaining Mobility – MS Radio Talk Show

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Radio Show helping people with Multiple Sclerosis.   Today after being bounced out of bed by an earthquake, I was honored to be the guest on a wonderful new radio talk show with John Rowley.

We talked about how people with MS can benefit from using poles.  Press the play button, listen and let me know what you think?

Listen to internet radio with johnrowley on Blog Talk Radio

Learning to useTrekking Poles, DVD Testimonial

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Hi Jayah!   I am currently reviewing the Poles for Balance and Mobility video. I have lent my Trekking video to a few people who are doing a better job with their poles now.   I am still amazed at how much you are able to get across to them in the video.

I am getting a lot better with my poles, really enjoying the benefits of your method.   One slight observation, as a cross country ski instructor, I disagree with you and LEKI on the right and left pole instruction.   I find the thumb on top of the top strap works best for me no matter what the label says.   I have tried it the other way and get blisters.   I could use my gloves, I know.

I hope to catch another of your seminars, I like your image of the Physical Therapy person working with poles.   I like to imagine the entire trail lined with those rails used in PT that allow people to learn to walk again.   Here is my free slogan for you:

Freedom of the trails, safety of the rails!  Keep trekking!  Eileen

Dear Eileen:  Be careful with that fragile thumb joint.  Yes, gloves will probably solve the problem. 

Yes, you’re right.  We’ve completely maxed out two DVD’s with training, supplemented by info on this blog.  To teach is to learn.  Thank you so much for your lovely email that I share on my blog.  Plus it’s a good excuse to share some more flowers.  Be sure to click on the honeysuckle to enlarge, click the back button to return to blog.



Pitcher Sage

Travelling, using poles, Happy Knees!

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I love getting photos and feedback from people with whom I’ve worked.    Here’s a note from Pam:
Thank GOSH for Poles!
We just returned from our trip to the Amazon jungle and then the Galapagos.  It was so much more rigorous than we’d expected, with 2 hikes a day and always a snorkeling session.
So, thank YOU for our private pole lessons!  Can you imagine hiking over these uneven boulders and slick lava without poles? We had no trouble at all – our knees didn’t even hurt at the end of the day, and the only difficulty was attending to pole placement so as not to spear an iguana!

Poles help rehab injury: From a friend in Afghanistan

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Dear Jayah,  I wish to thank you for your great help with the physical therapy process of my shattered ankle. I originally contacted you after watching your training video, regarding the choices and use of trekking poles. Prior to my being evacuated to Germany after the injury, some of the hospital’s medical staff in Afghanistan had recommended using them for balance during recovery.

They didn’t believe however, that I’d be able to come back to work in the same capacity as before. Now, after months of guidance from you, I’ve returned to the theater of operation at 63 YO, keeping up with younger people. Of course, all the hardware in my ankle result in  permanent reduced flexibility and the  arthritis constantly reminds me of that fateful day in September 2009. But thanks to your help and those seemingly ordinary LEKI poles, I remain the oldest active member in my Company’s labor force of around 200 people.

You coached me in the proper breathing and position while walking, and also on the correct exercises afterward. You designed a stretching program specifically suited to the limited resources available here. It raised my endurance level which was noticed by coworkers upon my return to Kandahar this September.

At that time, I was informed that I’d be strictly doing assessments here in Kandahar, which has flat and relatively easy terrain. Nonetheless, I kept on using the poles around the base the way you instructed me to for the last 6 weeks. I’m now excited to inform you that the restriction as been lifted and I’ll be returning starting this week, to those small FOBs (Forward Operation Bases) for assessments like I used to.

Thanks to you, I’ll again be able to negotiate the rugged road-less mountainous areas along the Pakistan border (after being dropped off) with my 100 Pds or so backpack. Thanks to you, I feel alive and productive again. Thanks to you, I can continue to improve in a very minute way, the creature comfort of these brave young men and women  who are handling the grueling front lines.

I’m scheduled to return home for a 2 weeks R & R in January 2011 and would appreciate the privilege to invite you and Bob (whose probably active again since his injury) to dinner. Of course, since I lack your incredible culinary talents, you’ll need to pick the restaurant…

I attached a few photos and a video of my work situation. Feel free to use this email and/or attachments if it can help anyone who feels like giving up, as I did, after a seemingly career-ending injury. Please continue to inspire people to “keep on Trucking”.
Gratefully, Pierre

Pierre Kandahar_walk

Good posture and daily walking is good prevention medicine.

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“Good posture is critical not only for people with Parkinson’s.  Postural collapse and resulting abdominal compression harms breathing, digestion, circulation and cardio-pulmonary function.   Improving body alignment, walking and stretching interfaces well with treatment plans for carpal tunnel syndrome, recovery from heart, lung, sciatica, back problems and joint pain.
Good posture and daily walking is good prevention medicine.”
– Diane Whitacre, Postural Anatomist,  San Francisco Bay Area.
Keep up your good work, Jayah!
Diane Whitacre, Postural Anatomist, RT

REI Clinic Feedback

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Hi Jayah, I attended your REI seminar is July and was impressed with what I learned in a short time. I do use poles for hiking and hike regularly, however, I found out from the video I am a user of the dreaded “death grip.” Through the video I was able to expand what you covered in class and really learn techniques that I refined on my very next hike. I needed to see the video to understand the 2 finger swing and how to keep my elbows in for the most effective core workout I have ever had! I also mastered the uphill push technique and am working on the downhill technique which is the hardest for me.

As an avid hiker and now AdventureBuddy aficionado, I highly recommend the video to the next class of learners. Feel free to use this email as promotional materials because I AM SOLD -POLES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE AND PROPER POLE TECHNIQUES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Thank you for your hard work to help exalt the valleys and make the hills lower. Trek on!

Eileen McB
One happy pollster!


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In my forty plus years educating teachers, I have never experienced such life-changing training as Jayah has put together for people with mobility issues.  She breaks down complex skills so that specific conditions can be worked on with maximum efficiency.   I have recommended her DVDs and have seen remarkable results.

Jayah is truly a gifted teacher!

David Georgi, Professor ret.

David Georgi, The Garden Dude & Jayah at Yosemi

California State University, Bakersfield

David Georgi, Professor of Education, CSU Bakersfield.
In my forty plus years educating teachers, I have never experienced such live-changing training as that Jayah has put together for people with mobility issues. She breaks down complex skills so that specific conditions can be worked on with maximum efficiency. I have recommended her DVDs and have seen remarkable results. Jayah is truly a gifted teacher!
The image is a gardendude portrait. You can also download the one on my csub web site if you wish or I can send you a more professional one when I get back from Kauai in a few weeks.
David Georgi, Professor ret.
California State University, Bakersfield