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What is DORSAL GLIDE and how does it help us achieve Neutral Posture?

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Dorsal glide enables us to lengthen the back of the neck – the cervical spine. Sitting or standing tall, gently tuck the chin while at the same time imagining that a single hair is pulling your head upwards.  Feel the back of your neck lengthening. Anytime you’re supine (flat on your back), gently tuck your […]

Falling is BAD. How Scanning helps improve performance on the trail.

October 7, 2010 by  
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What is scanning?  Scanning is looking ahead to anticipate obstacles. Scanning enables you to walk in a more neutral posture. By all means, look down with you need to, but scanning enables you to walk without always looking down at your feet.  By walking in a more neutral posture, you are more upright.  This improves […]

Shoulder Stabilization: Key to Learning PoleWalking

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SCAPULAR STABILIZATION:  The Shoulder Heart Scapular Retraction and Scapular Depression are 2 basic movements that provide the foundation for shoulder health.    By doing this regularly, you will use and strengthen the muscles that support and elongate the spine. Learning how to use poles for walking, hiking and/or mobility presumes that you’re in optimal posture […]