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What is the best balance exercise?

October 10, 2021 by  
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Many people would say standing on one leg. But what about the lady who brushed her teeth standing on one leg for one minute each and developed HIP PAIN? Balance is complicated. So what IS the best balance exercise? In a word – YES! Yes!! – Something you do for balance every day. Even simply […]

Spinal Articulation for Low Back Pain or Discomfort

June 24, 2015 by  
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Do you do bridges?  If so, chances are that you’re not really doing your low back a huge favor, UNLESS you are doing them really well.  Try this 5 part series and see if you can heal or relieve back pain or discomfort: Bridge with Low Back Articulation Starting Position: Lie on floor in Supine […]

Exercise to Improve Mindfulness & Balance

When I teach a POLES for Balance & Maintaining Mobility class, I work to achieve TWO goals: Helping people experience the freedom of movement possible when using poles for walking How to improve mindfulness We do exercises for balance, ROM (range of motion), gait, etc.   I use the sit-to-stand exercise to help improve mindfulness.  We […]

Back Pain Tip: Take a Walk – A REAL Walk!

October 17, 2011 by  
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People with back pain were once told – Go to Bed!  Now physicians and therapists often say – Take a walk! But do these wellness professionals intend for you to walk with your spine rigid ??? You might as well go to bed.    No, they envision the natural movement pattern of the spine.   Yet, so […]

Nordic Walking: How to, Why and Myth Busting

February 7, 2011 by  
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Lots of people are blogging about Nordic Walking.  These posts tend to be “thin” with lots of sales links.  Also, people are mixing trekking poles and Nordic Walking poles. Trekking poles are for hiking.  Nordic Walking is a great exercise activity.    Click for a comparison of poles and styles. Exercising with poles: When you walk,  […]

POLES FAQ: Can I become dependent on using poles? Yes

When using poles, do we lose some ability to use balance muscles?  Do we become dependent on them? We believe it IS possible to become reliant on your poles.  They are helpful in so many ways for helping us enjoy the outdoors.  Is it a good idea to occasionally hike on a moderate trail without […]

Endurance Tips for Hikers, Joggers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether hiking, walking, jogging or biking, here are some tips to help endurance: Slow down before you need to stop.  It takes more energy to stop and start than it does to slow down. Anticipate the need to rest and rest before you need to. When hiking, try taking shorter steps.  This helps endurance as […]