Friday, June 9, 2023

Back Health & Your Feet – IMPORTANT

These 2 segments might change your life or at least your perspective: Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just For ’20 Minutes’   This 24 minute interview is fascinating and filled with great info on your back and general health. Happy Feet  This 17 minute interview is – well – do you love your feet?

Endurance Tips for Hikers, Joggers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether hiking, walking, jogging or biking, here are some tips to help endurance: Slow down before you need to stop.  It takes more energy to stop and start than it does to slow down. Anticipate the need to rest and rest before you need to. When hiking, try taking shorter steps.  This helps endurance as […]

Healthy Obsession: Hiking with Poles & Pole Selection

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Article in the San Francisco Chronicle about this healthy obsession of hiking with poles. The connection I have with MY poles is profound.  They fit me like a “glove.” Learning which poles fit the body and suit a person’s goals is a process. We look for 3 things: What grip, strap & length best fits […]