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Avoid Falls, How to create a new habit

November 1, 2010 by  
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Here’s our favorite tip for learning a new skill or creating a new habit: create a checklist of what you want to accomplish every time you stop, go through the list as or before you start Let’s use neutral posture while walking as an example.   Here are a few items to have on your checklist: […]

FAQ: Poles for Hiking: Are two poles better than one? Yes!

Using two poles enables you to use your WHOLE BODY while walking or hiking. Using one pole can give you a little extra stability, but at a cost.   No matter how careful you are, using just one side of your body, can create and even reinforce imbalance.  When going downhill, placing one pole in front […]

Knee Pain: Simple tip for going down stairs

September 19, 2010 by  
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Point your toes! When descending stairs, the top knee feels the effort.  By pointing your toes on the foot going down the stairs, it removes 1 to 3 inches of effort. Actively pointing your toes makes a huge difference and it’s amazing how many people don’t think of this.    As you lower your foot, be […]