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Go NOW – Springtime Splendor

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Mt. Tam in the Springtime – after a rain – hillsides COVERED with color ~  show-stopping splendor (forgive my little point and shoot – click on any photo to enlarge, click back button to return to post): Coastal trail is alive with flowers right now – hillsides of purple lupine.   Near Rock Springs we see […]

Snow on Mt. Tam!

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February 20, 2011:  Stop everything!  Behind in everything?  Supposed to be working?  Yes, but there’s SNOW on Tam!  We went up our usual easy-ish down which, in show, was a harder up.  We walked down the Benstein and the fire road for an easier than usual down with gorgeous views. This was beyond anything I’ve […]

Mushrooms, Newts, Magic on Mt. Tam

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Hiking Tam in winter is world class gorgeous. Winter rains bring out the FungusAmongus and get the newts crawling and today, newts crawling on mushrooms. Click on any picture to enlarge:

Summer Hike on Tam: August 7, 2010

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It’s been an interesting year in the Bay Area.  We’ve had marvelously cool weather and nature seems confused. Flowers are more plentiful and later and even the Fungus Amongus is confused.  Today, on a foggy hike, I saw FungusAmongus I would normally expect to see in November or December.  Another gorgeous hike!