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Free Pole Hiking and Pole Walking Training for Veterans

Pole Walking and Pole Hiking Classes Free for Veterans

Pole Walking Classes all over the Bay Area

Determining which poles best suit a person’s issues and goals is an important part of the learning process.  We use all 3 types of poles, helping participants figure out what works best for their structure (fit), their issues and their goals. Take a look at this Article in the Pacifica Tribune this morning.  We offer […]

PoleWalking at Lake Merritt in Oakland

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Join us on Friday afternoon, March 2, 2012 for a Nordic Walking training around beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland.  This park has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to the voting citizens of Oakland.   Class is listed with the City of Oakland. Nordic Walking helps you walk with the attitude of youth.  Click here for a […]

Learning How to use Trekking Poles for Hiking, Walking and Mobility

People are like containers.  Fill them up to capacity and then either they overflow or something has to come out to make room for more info. Learning a new skill takes PRACTICE.  In a field seminar, we fit people to determine which poles best fit their structure and will help them achieve their hiking or […]

Nordic Walking Classes in Reno with Rick Deutsch

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Join American Nordic Walking Association certified instructor Rick Deutsch, for a fun instructional 1-hour session around Reno’s beautiful Sparks Marina.  You might know him better as Mr. Half Dome, having hiked to the summit 30 times. Rick also teaches Nordic Walking on Crystal Cruise ships.   He’ll have loaner LEKI poles for the 1-hour sessions, so you […]

Biking and Nordic Walking in the Bay Area: Crystal Springs Reservoir

This lovely locale is easily accessible, paved the entire way with gently rolling hills along a beautiful reservoir.  For bikers:  do this Mon-Fri.  Weekends are too busy with walkers for biking. This is a great biking option year-round.  In Springtime, there’s an amazing array of flowers.   Bring your binocs – you never know what you […]

Walking with Hand Weights: Is this a good or bad idea?

Walking with hand weights is a TERRIBLE idea. Why do people walk with hand weights? One word:  TIME.   Everyone is busy; trying to get in all the exercise we know is good for us is tough.  So we combine, we consolidate and we multitask. Here are some problems we see with people who walk with […]

Nordic Walking: How to, Why and Myth Busting

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Lots of people are blogging about Nordic Walking.  These posts tend to be “thin” with lots of sales links.  Also, people are mixing trekking poles and Nordic Walking poles. Trekking poles are for hiking.  Nordic Walking is a great exercise activity.    Click for a comparison of poles and styles. Exercising with poles: When you walk,  […]

Nordic Walking Poles vs. Trekking Poles: What’s the Difference?

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Nordic Walking poles and Trekking Poles may look similar, but there are significant differences in design, which allow them to serve different purposes.   Consider the Biking Analogy: Using Trekking Poles is like Mountain Biking and Nordic Walking is like road biking. TREKKING POLES: General Purpose:  Hiking * Terrain: Varied, mountains, hills, etc. Equipment: Poles are […]