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Trekking Poles Tip: Improve Power and Performance on Uphill

October 11, 2011 by  
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Once you’ve learned optimal form and muscle recruitment for going uphill, we have another tip that will significantly improve your performance. In just one word – Cadence!  Bikers know about cycling cadence.   With proper gear shifting, pedal stroke is rhythmic and gears are not ground. It’s the same on the trail.  As you change terrain, […]

Trekking Poles Tip: How to turn up your POWER

HIKERS:  Try snugging up your straps. Yes, it’s that simple.  If you use the straps correctly and your body optimally, the poles are an extension of your arms.   It’s easier to feel the PUSH of the poles on flat and uphill if you’re using them in a pushing action.  This sounds simplistic, but try tightening […]

Save your Knees: Benefits of using poles for hiking and walking

With OPTIMAL USE, you can achieve ALL these BENEFITS of using Poles for Hiking, Walking, Exercise, Balance & Mobility! Win-Win-Win ~ Be in nature, connecting with your friends and family while getting a great workout using your whole body. Improve Power, Balance, Control & Confidence ~ Confidence is the #1 benefit for many pole users.  […]

Top Ten Benefits of hiking with poles

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Learn OPTIMAL TECHNIQUE & Experience these Top Ten (well 12) Benefits of Hiking with Poles Win-Win-Win ~ Save Time! Be in nature, connecting with your buddies, getting a full body workout. ARMM  (Achieve, Regain & Maintain Mobility) ~ Arm yourself with a vital skill for Life! Improve Balance Gait  & Confidence. Save your Knees!  Preserve […]