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Improve your Performance on the Trail with Athletic Compression Socks

December 5, 2013 by  
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I’ve been experimenting with athletic compression socks.  The verdict is IN! When I wear my fancy (hot pink) compression socks, my legs, calves and feet are less tired.  They really do improve my performance. A friend who has hammer toes, uses the individual toe type (Injinji) socks and finds them extremely helpful. I splurged and […]

Article: Daily walk cuts dementia risk, studies show

I’m copying this article to my blog because I focus on walking for exercise.  “They used to say – do a puzzle to keep your mental acuity.  Now, it’s TAKE A WALK.   Get blood circulating to the brain.  A client sent me this article.  It mirrors my mantra – Consistency vs. Intensity.   Now, go take […]

Back Pain Tip: Take a Walk – A REAL Walk!

October 17, 2011 by  
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People with back pain were once told – Go to Bed!  Now physicians and therapists often say – Take a walk! But do these wellness professionals intend for you to walk with your spine rigid ??? You might as well go to bed.    No, they envision the natural movement pattern of the spine.   Yet, so […]

Walking with Hand Weights: Is this a good or bad idea?

Walking with hand weights is a TERRIBLE idea. Why do people walk with hand weights? One word:  TIME.   Everyone is busy; trying to get in all the exercise we know is good for us is tough.  So we combine, we consolidate and we multitask. Here are some problems we see with people who walk with […]

Nordic Walking: How to, Why and Myth Busting

February 7, 2011 by  
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Lots of people are blogging about Nordic Walking.  These posts tend to be “thin” with lots of sales links.  Also, people are mixing trekking poles and Nordic Walking poles. Trekking poles are for hiking.  Nordic Walking is a great exercise activity.    Click for a comparison of poles and styles. Exercising with poles: When you walk,  […]

Travel Tips for Walkers

October 18, 2010 by  
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I tie a scarf – a stunning one 🙂 – around my fanny pack.  I can then tie the scarf to my belt or belt loop.   If someone did unclip my pack, it would not just fall off.  Plus, I can FIND my pack more easily! Of course, I try to walk with focus and […]

POLES FAQ: Can I become dependent on using poles? Yes

When using poles, do we lose some ability to use balance muscles?  Do we become dependent on them? We believe it IS possible to become reliant on your poles.  They are helpful in so many ways for helping us enjoy the outdoors.  Is it a good idea to occasionally hike on a moderate trail without […]

FAQ: Poles for Hiking: Are two poles better than one? Yes!

Using two poles enables you to use your WHOLE BODY while walking or hiking. Using one pole can give you a little extra stability, but at a cost.   No matter how careful you are, using just one side of your body, can create and even reinforce imbalance.  When going downhill, placing one pole in front […]